PPStream – Streaming p2p Internet TV

PPStream is a network for live media streaming, or you can call it a P2P Streaming Internet TV. In principle it’s similar to BitTorrent(BT).

It can broadcast TV programs stably and smoothly to broadband users. Compared to traditional stream media, PPStream adopts p2p – streaming technology and supports full-scale visit with tens of thousands of users online. Its client software can be used as a webpage or as a desktop program.

Currently the majority of PPStream TV channels are from China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

How to use PPStream

  1. Download the PPStream software and install it. Alternatively, you can also view it online.
  2. Run PPStream and you’ll see 3 panes. The left one is the channel list in which the channels are sorted according to popularity.

    Hint: During soccer or football live broadcast, you can be quite sure that TV channels broadcasting them will be ones of the most popular (thus they will be on top of the channel list).

    Hint: The channel list has 3 columns: TV channel name, stream quality (measured in Kbps), and the number of users connected to this channel. The more users connected to the channel, the more likely you will be able to watch it smoothly and stably.

    The majority of channels have a description (albeit most of them are in Chinese language). To view a channel description, right click on the channel, and click on the last item.

    Hint: Save the URL address of your favorite TV channel as a shortcut with your own description (it helps a lot when you don’t know Chinese language).

    The right pane contains a list of recommended TV programs, TV schedule links and announcements. On top of it is a highly recommended show.

    Hint: If you click on a link with an icon of a clock and a calender, you will see the full schedule for the channel (albeit in Chinese language). You may also schedule your application to switch to a particular channel at a particular time.

    And in the center there is an embedded Windows Media Player in which TV stream is played once a channel is chosen.

    Hint: To view a channel in full screen just press Alt-Enter.