Streaming media protocols

Streaming media protocols: HTTP, RTMP, PNM, RTSP, MMS, RTSPU, RTSPT, MMSU, MMST RTSP protocol is the default protocol for streaming Windows Media. RTSP protocol is also used for streaming RealMedia/RealVideo/RealAudio, streaming QuickTime video (.mov, .mp4, .sdp streams). MMS protocol is used for streaming Windows Media only. RTSP using UDP is called RTSPU RTSP using TCP … Read more

Find Hidden Stream URL

URL Finders, Packet Sniffers, URL Snoopers URL Finders, Packet Sniffers, URL Snoopers – Software to Find hidden stream URLs Coojah (Freeware/Windows) – URL Sniffer (URL Snooper, URL finder) software BitAnalyzer (Freeware/Windows) – URL snooper (URL finder) software URL Helper (Shareware/Windows) – URL snooper (URL finder) Project URL Snooper (Freeware/Windows) – URL Snooper (URL finder) software … Read more

How to Record/Download/Capture/Save Adobe Flash FLV Video Http Stream From Embedded Player

Getting/recording/capturing/saving HTTP video streams to hard disk. How to record Flash FLV Video HTTP or RTMP stream with Replay Media Catcher (recommended method) Replay Media Catcher is a flash stream ripper. It can record MP3 audio and Flash FLV streaming video broadcasted through HTTP or RTMP protocol (such flash stream URLs start with http:// or … Read more

All Streaming Audio Recording/Ripping Software

All audio stream recorders/rippers (freeware, shareware,…) [windows, linux, mac os] Program Input format Output format Split songs Tag songs Schedule Platform Program type Rating Price Icecast (Shoutcast compatible) Windows Media Real Audio Quick Time Live 365 Replay Capture Suite any mp3, wma, ra, nsa, m4b, wav, ogg, aac + (***) + (***) + Windows Software … Read more