6 Best Video Games of 2024

The video game industry is booming now more than ever. There are all sorts of games adorning the market, with all sorts of players clambering at the counter to buy them. With annual, bi-annual, and monthly competitions abuzz, it’s safe to say that gaming is now a billion-dollar industry that still has fuel in its tank. Each year, there’s a boatload of games to try and it can often get quite cumbersome to funnel the worthwhile titles through to your station.

Leave it to us to bring forth the best of what 2024 holds in store for you as far as gaming is concerned. We’ve wrung the internet to bring only the most promising, juiciest games that are guaranteed to make an impact this year. And because the following games will be so delightful to play, our honest recommendation is to hook yourself up with a worthy internet connection beforehand. AT&T Internet offers a viable solution to your gaming needs by providing internet services that always perform ahead of the curve. Let AT&T handle your connectivity needs while you speed on to your next in-game victory.

Let’s check out the best of what 2024 has to offer!

1. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil is a title, frankly speaking, that cannot be ignored when it comes to horror games. Originally released way back in 2002 and successfully wooing its player base, RE4’s remake lives up to its original hype by bringing back all the iconic gameplay, characters, and bone-chilling cinematics. Capcom has outdone itself by pouring in all the love they have for the franchise and polishing it just enough to make it stand out once again, now, in 2024.

What’s more, the graphics have been pumped up, both gameplay and cinematics wise and the controls are a lot sleeker. There’s a lot more extra flourish to be experienced when gamers drop into each of the three sprawling areas ripe with monsters and meanies to be taken on. With so much still being added to the original concept, it’s safe to say that RE4’s remake has achieved what it set out to do, in spades.

2. Phantom Brigade

If you’re looking for big mechazoids going at each other in the classic, turn-based battle system then this game is for you. Phantom Brigade is a semi-idle game where players get to decide their move & strategy, Vis a Vis, beforehand. When that is done, they sit back and let their characters go forth with their battle armor and duke it out in various settings.

Mecha fans would love this game solely because of the customization it offers. Players can deck out their mecha down to the littlest of details along with preconfiguring how their contraption would work in battles. Stuff like fire time, dash, abilities, and supers can all be customized along with the visuals to give your mecha a unique feel & look.

3. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Jump back into a galaxy far far away with the sequel to one of the best games of this era. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has Cal Kestis resume his journey to overthrow the tyranny of the Empire and restore life to the Jedi Order. This is easier said than done of course since there are numerous returning and new threats in this game going all in to eliminate him from the face of the galaxy. Additionally, the game has Cal struggling to keep peace inside his head since the dark side is more compelling than ever.

4. Final Fantasy XVI

There’s bound to be a Final Fantasy title coming in hot after literally 7 years of waiting since FF15. Square Enix has done a brilliant job this time around of presenting both gameplay and story side by side in stunning fashion. XVI introduces a much more grueling combat system along with a story set in, what seems to be medieval times. Summons have been revamped as well. So much so that they are a pleasure to play and watch as they go at the enemy’s throat using a cluster of elemental magic & brute force. FFXVI is set to blast its competition out of the water this time around.

5. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If there’s one team of developers that have has been sneaky with its idea-borrowing from FromSoftware, then that is the team behind Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The game incorporates elements from Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Nioh to bring players a unique, meshed experience of classical China. Wo Long presents the same melee and spell-slinging battles in a different light than Dark Souls but with mechanics that are more or less the same. Even though the game often tends to get quite brutal with the foes it makes a point to throw at your face when you’re least expecting it, there’s a certain joy in hacking & slashing your way through victory in a rural China where morality is the least of your player’s concerns.

6. Company of Heroes

Another title that is getting a breath of fresh air after years of its success. Company of Heroes was an explosive success back in 2006 and had taken players by storm due to its real-time strategy scene. It was perhaps the first game ever that offered such an extensive, boots-on-the-ground opportunity for players to show off their candor and bravado as they made their way into enemy territory to capture what was (rightfully?) theirs. Fast forward to 2024, Relic Entertainment has been forced to come out of the shadows and give their much-loved title a facelift along with a good couple of changes to the mechanics.

Perhaps the biggest of these is the ‘tactical pause’ option that allows players to effectively freeze combat and think of their next strategy while everyone on the screen remains frozen in time. Ya’ll can use this time to go for bathroom breaks, stay hydrated and do some stretches because Company of Heroes demands a lot of your investment; time-wise.


That’s a wrap on our top picks of 2024, which are more than likely to be a blast for the current year. If for some reason you wouldn’t want to spend a good amount of money on the newer titles, you can also wait till they go on sale during the holiday season. Regardless of your decision, all these games are worth your time…and money.