I’m Not Okay With This Season 2 ─ Is Officially Canceled

Ready to go on a journey with a young girl who is facing a storm and stress phase in her life? “I’m Not Okay With This” is a Netflix original series that is full of emotions, struggle, acceptance, control, fear, identity crisis, and struggle to know oneself and to cope with grief. The series revolves around a teenage girl who is dealing with the loss of a loved one. She is devastated emotionally and mentally. It is not the only thing, life seems to hit her hard in several aspects.

“I’m Not Okay With This” is full of adventure, comedy, and fantasy. The story not just encompasses the negative aspects of her life as you can also see her enjoy her friends’ company with a little comedy. You will see in the series how she fights it all. If you have watched it already, then you must know that the first season left the audience hanging with the entry of a new character. Fans are desperately waiting for the second one. Here I have brought to you all the information about the I’m Not Okay With This Season 2 and whether it Is Officially Cancelled or not?

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I’m Not Okay With This Season 2: Is Officially Canceled?

About The Team Of I’m Not Ok With This

I’m Not Okay With This Season one is a series that revolves around Sydney Novack, a teenage girl with exceptional powers and abilities. The script of this movie is based on a comic book with the same title. The author of the comic book is Charles Foreman. This series was released on Netflix on 26, February 2020. It has a total of seven episodes. The story is engaging, fun, and happening. The writer has not dragged the story which makes it really fun to watch.

The series is produced by Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall. The cast is directed by Jonathan Entwistle who is the man behind projects like Power Rangers and The Good North. The music of the movie is composed by Graham Coxen. The series was accepted immensely by viewers and the makers were happy with it. The team planned to make a sequel to the series as there is too much in the story for the viewers to know. So, when is the release date of season two? And whether it is happening or not? Scroll down to find out.

The Cast Of I’m Not Ok With This

  1. Sophia Lillis plays the role of Sydney Novak. She is the main lead and a seventeen years old girl who is going through a lot in life. Her inherited powers of uncontrollable psychokinesis make things even worse for her.
  2. Wyatt Oleff is playing the role of Stanley Barber who is a dear friend of Sydney and lives in her neighborhood. This character surely adds humor to the show.
  3. Sofia Bryant is portraying the character of Dina, who is the best friend of Sydney and she secretly likes her.
  4. Richard Ellis is playing the role of Bradley Lewis, who is the boyfriend of Dina, and Sydney is really bothered by him.
  5. Aidan Mojtak is playing the role of Liam Novak, who is the younger brother of Sydney.
  6. Kathlene Rose Perkins is playing the role of Maggie Novak who is the mother to Sydney and Liam.
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 I’m Not Okay With This Season 2 Is Officially Canceled Or Not?

The first season of this series ended with a bandaging episode. A new character was introduced. The viewers were dying for the official announcement of the release date of season 2 as the makers had already announced the making of the sequel of this original series. But when the season ended an announcement was made by the makers that there is not going to be an ongoing story which left the viewers in complete shock.

Wondering what happened? The dropping of the sequel was not because of low viewership or ratings. The problem was that the pandemic hit the world and the circumstances of work changed. The cost of the project increased exceptionally making it difficult for the producers to make a second season for the fans. But the fans are still hoping for this project to make a comeback on screens in collaboration with other production houses.

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Will there be a season 2 of I Am Not Okay With This 2024?

No, there is no official announcement by the writers regarding the release of the second part of the movie. The makers of the first season had announced that there is not going to be a second part of this show. The host of this series was Netflix. After the first season ended they announced in August 2020 that because of an increase in budget cost, production delay, and the Covid-19 pandemic, there won’t be another season.


It can be really devastating to see your favorite show come to an unexpected end. The series, I’m Not Ok With This is also one such show. The last episode escalated the curiosity of fans by introducing the new unknown hidden character. When fans saw a hope that finally Sydney will be able to understand and control her powers, the makers left them hanging. I hope that now you know everything regarding the I’m Not Ok With This Season 2 and whether it is officially canceled or not.