Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Release Date ─ Everything You Need To Know!

Do you love watching superhero series? The concept of superheroes is no more restricted to male leads. You can explore different series with a female as a lead with superpowers that are truly presenting the concept of a strong woman. If you are a supernatural movie fan, then you must have come across the amazing Korean series, “Strong Girl Bong Soon”. It is surely one of the riveting, uproarious, pleasant series that I have watched so far. Being a movie buff I am a bit critical regarding series and movies, but this series surely had it all and I can’t wait to binge-watch the upcoming second season too. If you have not got a chance to watch the first season, then you must watch it prior to the release of the second season. This series has got a perfect blend of all genres. Can’t wait for the next season? Here I have brought to the Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 release date and everything you need to know! Scroll down to find out.

Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2: Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Details Of The First Season

The Strong Girl Bong Soon has got all the characteristics that a viewer expects in a good series. It has got a little taste of all genres of movies. It is a romantic comedy series with a thrilling storyline. The story of this series is written by Mi-Kyeong Baek. She is the writer behind many renowned Korean Tv Series. The spectacular series is directed by Lee Hyung-Min. The producers of the Strong Girl Bong Soon are Park Jun- seo Lee, Jin-suk Park, and Ji-an Ra Sung- shik.

The production companies behind this series were JS Pictures and Drama house. Season one of this series was first launched on 24, February 2017. Season one had a total of sixteen episodes. The last episode of this Korean rom-com was released on 15, April 2017. The series was broadcasted on a Korean TV network called JTBC, Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company.

The Spectacular Cast Of The Series

  1. Park Bo-Young will play the role of the protagonist and female lead of the series Do Bong-soon.
  2. Park Hyung- Sik will play the role of Ahn Mik-Hyuk who is the CEO of the gaming company in which Do Bong-soon works.
  3. Ji Soo will play the role of Guk-doo who is the policeman in whom Do Bong-soon is interested.
  4. Lee Hyun-dan will play the role of Do Bong-soon’s brother who is her twin.
  5. Yoo Jae-Myung will play the role of the father of Do Bong-soon, Do Chil Goo.
  6. Shim Hye Jin will play the role of Hwang Jin yee.

The Expected Launched Date Of Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2

The Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 is for sure one of the most anticipated Korean series because of the impactful performance given by the entire cast and the storyline of this series. The launch of season two was in pipeline just after the release of the first season because of the mind-blowing appreciation by the viewers. The amazing feedback from the viewers compelled the producers to launch the second season too.

The paperwork is all done and the casting is in-progress but the shoot of the drama was delayed because of the overall pandemic situation. Now that the Korean drama industry has gotten recognition worldwide by expanding the number of viewers, this series is likely to be released this year. You can expect the official release date to be announced in the year 2024. The new season will start from where the story had ended in the first season.

The Narrative of Season One

The story of strong girl season one is a fantasy-based, rom-com, thriller. The series is based on the journey of a petite-looking and cute girl with amazing supernatural powers. Do Bong-soon is the girl who struggles to hide her extraordinary skills. She tries hard to hide these powers and fit in the normal world but her powers always make her end up in troublesome situations. She is interested in gaming and game development. Her goal is to become a game developer.

Although, she doesn’t stop using her powers, especially when people are in need of help. She always stands for the right but still wants her powers to stay hidden from the public. The story revolves around a love triangle between Do Bong-soon, Ahn Mik-Hyuk, and Guk-Doo. Gook-doo is a police officer who is unaware of Bong’s hodden abilities and is her crush. She secretly likes him. Ahn is the CEO of the company where Do Bong-soon works. As the story progresses you will see the evolution of the chemistry between Ahn and Bong-soon.


What To Expect in Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2?

The first season revolved around Da Bong-soon’s journey to control, master, and utilize her special powers for the benefit of the people around her and society. The writer has very skillfully added comedy and romance to the story based on action and thriller. There were many tangled knots and the ending was not clear. There is still a potential to make the story grow. You might see Da Bong-soon use her powers to fight new and stronger enemies.


Where can I watch strong girl Bong Soon 2024?

The Strong Girl Bong Soon was initially launched by the JTBC broadcasting network. You can watch sixteen episodes on the JTBC app, Rakuten Viki, or Youtube. The Strong Girl Bong-soon is also available on Netflix. You can watch your favorite Korean series on Viki Rakuten for free or on Netflix with dubbing and subtitles. The second season is on its way, so you must complete the first one before the launch of the second one.



I hope that now you know all the details about the Strong Girl Soon Season 2. I have brought to you all the information about Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2, its release date, and everything You Need To Know! The new season for sure holds new adventures in Da bong’s life. The first season has gained much acceptance from viewers and the second one is expected to set the bars higher. To enjoy the performance of the amazing cast and the chemistry between Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung Sik, you will have to wait for the official announcement.