Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date ─ Confirmed or Canceled!

An absolute thriller to quench your curiosity. The Deadly Class Season One is an underrated thriller television series. If you love fantasy-based, action, adventure, thrillers with humor then the deadly class is absolutely according to your taste. The Series is a spine chiller and a shocker for the viewers. With the unexpected twists and turns in the TV series, you will become completely surprised. Season one of this series was able to get the attention of a noticeable number of viewers. The first season is similar to a rollercoaster ride that is really fun but ends very quickly. The audience of deadly season one is desperately waiting for the second season. If you are one of them, then here I have brought to you all the details about the Deadly Class Season 2, its Release Date, and whether it is CONFIRMED or CANCELED! Keep reading to find out.


Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

Details About Deadly Class Season One

The Deadly Class Season One is a Television series that was first launched on Syfy which is a broadcasting medium for crime, thriller, and fictional content. This series was first launched on 20, December 2018. The series had a total of ten episodes that are filled with jaw-dropping moments. The last episode of this suspense-thriller was released on 20, March 2019. The story of this series is similar to the novel in a comic-strip format called the “Deadly Class”. The comic version of this series was written by Rick Remender and Wesely Craig.

Whereas, the writers behind the script of the first season were Rick Remender, Miles Orion Feldsoft, and Hillard Guess. The producers of the deadly class series were Adam Targum, Mike Larroca, and John G. Lenic. The Executive Directors of the series are Anthony and Joe Russo. The production team behind this television series consists of a very large team based on famous companies that include Sony Pictures, Gateway Productions, Universal Production, and Gozie AGBO.

Cast Of The Deadly Class Season One

  1. Benjamin Wadsworth is playing the role of Marcus Lopez Arguello who is the main character of the series.
  2. Benedict Wong is playing the role of Master Lin who is the head of the academy of assassins and the one who takes Marcus to the academy and teaches him the skills required.
  3. Maria Gabriela de Faria is the actress playing the role of Maria Salazar with whom Marcus is in love with.
  4. Lana Condor who is playing the role of Saya Kuroki is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and likes Marcus.
  5. Luke Tennie is playing the role of Willie Lewis who is a friend of Marcus and helps him in surviving through the crucial times.
  6. Liam James is playing the role of Billy Benett who is a fun character.
  7. Micheal Duval plays the role of Chico who is Maria’s boyfriend and is later killed by her.
  8. Taylor Hickson plays the Role of Como Petra, is an outcast like Marcus, and spends her time alone most of the time.

Is There Going To Be a Second Season of Deadly Class Season One?

The fans of deadly class season one were all ready to watch the second season as the news broke that Rick Remender, the writer of the deadly class has already started to work on the script of the second season. The first season was successfully able to grab the attention of viewers because of the nail-biting suspense and unpredictable turns in the story. Season one was broadcast on Syfy and after the release of the last episode of the series, they announced that the broadcasting network will not air the second season.

The news was really a shock for the viewers of deadly class. The series had a noticeable fan base and got many positive reviews from the critics. The cancellation of the release of the second season seems unfair to the audience. There are rumors that Rick Remender is still positive about the launch of the second season. There is a chance the series will be launched in collaboration with other hosts.


Is there a season 2 of Death Class?

No, currently there is no news about the release of the second season of deadly class. The Broadcasting network Syfy on which the series was initially released has announced that there will be no second season of the deadly class. The news surfaced that the writer and developer of deadly class Rick Rimender have an idea in mind about the story of the second season. If any other platform offers to be the host for the second season, then there are chances for the Deadly class Season Two to be launched soon.


I hope that now you know everything about the Deadly Class Season 2, its Release Date, and whether it is CONFIRMED or CANCELED! The Deadly class is one of the series that will keep you on your toes. You cannot blink your eyes for once. The release of the second season was canceled by the broadcasting partner of the series. There is hope for the release of the second season. You might hear about the release date of the Deadly Class season two with a new host soon. Stay tuned for any official announcement from the developers.