Is Jacob Elordi Gay – Know Everything About It!

Social media has given fans invasive access to their favorite celebrities’ life. If you are a public figure, then you are always in the public’s eye. It is quite a struggle for celebs to keep their lives private. Every minute thing is noted and open to debate. Over the past few years, many celebs have taken the plunge and come out which has made fans more curious than ever before about the sexuality of their admired celebs. You would really like to know about each and every detail of your favorite icon, wouldn’t you?

One of such celebrities is Jacob Elordi who persists to be in the spotlight. The celeb has always been questioned regarding his sexuality. Some of the events in his life have really fueled the fire. Are you a stan of Jacob but are confused regarding his sexual orientation? Want to know more? Here I have brought all the information to answer one of the trending questions regarding him, Is Jacob Elordi Gay? and Know Everything About It!


Is Jacob Elordi Gay? Know Everything About It!

Life And Carrier Of Jacob Elordi?

Jacob Elordi, the Euphoria sensation, is an Australian national actor. He was born on 26, June 1997. His father, John Elordi is a cinematographer and his mother, Melissa Elordi is an actress. Jacob is surely born with creativity, he started his acting career at eight years of age. At first, he started his acting career in theater, and later he also took part in a few Australian projects like “ Packed to the rafter” and “Spirited”. He debuted his filming career as a supporting actor. His first movie was “Little Ghost”.

He is one of the actors who have explored both the movie and television industries. He also worked in “home and away”, which was a drama in the year 2013. Currently, he is a part of the Euphoria cast, the show has been famous among the viewers and fans seem to be crazy about it. He also did a movie named The Kissing Both, the first part of the movie was released in 2018 and the sequel was presented to the viewers in 2020. Jacob Elordi is not only an actor but he has also shown his skills at the back of the camera as he has directed a few films too.


Dating History Of Jacob

The twenty-three years old actor has not a very long or open dating history. He seems to keep his love life away from the public eye. The actor has never opened up about the questions asked regarding his personal life which has always confused the fans. There are many rumors that spread at times regarding his relationships. He played the role of Noah Flynn in the movie kissing booth. Joey King was cast with him to play the role of Elle Evans.

The two main leads started dating in 2018 but the two broke up in 2019. Later in 2020 Jacob Elordi also dated the American model Kaia Gerber. The two were spotted together on several occasions. They also attended the red carpet of The Ultra Glam in 2012 together. The friends of the two also confirmed the relationship of the cute couple, but it came to an end in 2024 as the two parted ways. The actor was also rumored to be Zendaya Coleman, but they seem to be good friends.


Jacob Elordi Gay?

Being a celebrity Jacob Elordi has always been under the radar of fans. His fans want to know who he is with and what his relationship status is. He has been quite private about his personal life. His avoidance to address the rumors about his relationships and sexuality does make things difficult. Well, it is not the only thing. He also has been seen publicly enjoying the company of his male co-stars a lot in comparison to his female co-stars. This makes the fans assume that he might be gay.

When it comes to the speculations of Jacob Elordi being gay the two most prominent names are Nash Grier and Tommy Dorfman. In our opinion, Nash Grier and Jacob Elordi’s relationship is nothing more than friendship. The two actors are often spotted hanging around together and enjoying themselves. There nothing seems to be odd, but many fans think of their equation as something more than just friendship. Nash Grier is engaged and has a son which makes these rumors to be false.

But when it comes to his equation with Tommy Dorfman, there is where things actually get a bit fishy. Tommy Dorfman is a homosexual actor who is married too. But they too seem to be showing affection several times. The two took the internet by storm after the picture of Elordi kissing Dorfman on the cheeks emerged. But it is unfair to judge Jacob Elordi’s sexuality on the basis of it as the two can be good friends. We cannot surely title him to be gay unless he confesses it himself.



Are Jacob Elordi and Joey still together?

No, sadly the two actors parted their ways after just one year of dating. Joey King and Jacob Elordi were cast as the main lead in the movie The Kissing Booth. The movie was written and produced by Jacob’s sister. The couple started to hang out in 2018 while shooting the project together. Their relationship came to an end in 2019. But the two worked together in the sequel of their movie together which got released in 2020.


I hope that now you have got the answer to one of the most trending queries about Jacob Elordi which is Is Jacob Elordi Gay? And now you Know Everything About It! We cannot surely claim anything about his sexuality. The actor has chosen to stay silent and has never addressed the rumors. There are chances for him to be homosexual but we cannot say that until he chooses to open up. So stay tuned for any latest updates about your favorite actor.