Mad Men Season 8 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Mad Men season 8 is one of the hit television series which has won many awards including 5 Golden Globe and 16 Emmy awards.

We all hide some kind of insecurities within us and that is the reason we all can relate to the plotline of Mad Men. Do you know apart from huge fame the Mad Men has won enormous awards as well? 16 Emmy awards and 5 Golden Globe awards are also on that list. After the huge success of the series, fans are wondering about its 8th season.

The most common question that fans are thinking about is whether it will be released or not? What will be the cast? Will it be the last season? I have brought answers to all these questions and without wasting any time I will quickly let you know everything that I have brought for you after lots and lots of search. Let’s begin then.


Mad Men Season 8 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Mad Men season 1 was released in 2009 and the last season that is season 7 was released in 2015. If you count it right then it is the 7th year going on since the fans are looking forward to the 8th season of Mad Men. And why not? If you remember, the seventh season ended with lots of mysteries. It has left the ends open for nothing else but the next season, that is what I believe. Otherwise, why would they leave such a beautifully written drama with an open-end?

The production house is definitely thinking about producing the 8th season. But when? Nobody knows. There are no official statements about the 8th season of the Mad Men and there is no trailer available on the internet yet. But the good news is that the production house has not even announced that the Mad Men season 7 is the last season.

I know you all are big fans of Mad Men that is why you are curious to know about the Mad Men season 8 release date right? So why not give a recall to the story of Mad Men? I think that’s a great idea, especially for the ones who just finished watching season 7. I loved how they started the season and introduced the main character, Don Draper. The ambitious man who was the center of attention in the ad agency, fighting his own battles but kept himself composed in front of the world.

The childhood memories were something he wanted to get rid of but he couldn’t and about his personal life, only a few people knew. Although he was a family man, he became a womanizer. Also, he was fond of excessive smoking and drinking. Well as he was running away from his insecurities and was hiding them by being confident, no one could say he had problems. He was the center of the ad agency and was doing his job efficiently, he was trying his best to keep personal and professional things possible.

This American drama which used to be broadcast on AMC has a total of 92 episodes. But this is so less right? Once you start seeing Mad Men you never know how fast time passes. Every character has played their role amazingly. They have shown sincerity in their role. The cast of season 8 is unknown, but I guess they will not introduce any new characters and will probably wrap up this television series.

Unfortunately, Mad Men is not available on Netflix but there are various sites out there through which you can download these series. Be careful with fake sites which say there is the 8th season of Mad Men available or say that click on a certain link to see the mad men season 8 trailer. By clicking on certain links, viruses can enter your PC and can damage the system.



Will Mad Men be available on Netflix?

It is really surprising that Mad Men is not available on Netflix right now but I hope the Mad Men series will soon be available on Netflix due to its high demand.

Will the Mad Men season 8th be the last chapter?

As there is no official announcement regarding the 7th season whether it is the final chapter or not. We can’t say that chapter 8th of Mad Men is not coming. But we have to wait for an official statement that says the 8th season would be the last one.

New characters will be introduced in Mad Men season 8?

We can’t say anything because there is no news of season 8th yet but if it comes then I guess they will definitely introduce new characters to make the chapter interesting.

Which season of Mad Men is best?

Every season is best at its own level but I think season 1 to 4 makes Mad Men the best series to watch. The way Don Drapers confronts his demons and evaluates himself is worth watching.


There is no official news from the production house about season 8 of Mad Men but it does not mean that the series has ended because there is also no statement declaring season 7 of Mad Men to be the last one. We can still hope for the 8th season to come and according to sources, we will see a glimpse of Mad Men’s season 8 soon. Till then we can watch the previous chapters of Mad Men and enjoy the storyline once again. I highly recommend these series to the ones who haven’t watched them yet.