Shoucast/Icecast Audio Stream Rippers For Linux (Freeware)

Ripping mp3 files from online radio stations on Linux using free software

  • Streamripper Winamp plugin and console versions Editor’s choice (Free/Windows, Unix) – You can use it to rip (copy) streams of the following kinds:

.mp3 Shoutcast streams – the kind of streams found on
.mp3 Icecast streams – a GNU GPL/Open Source version of Shoutcast. Both Icecast 1.x and Icecast 2.x are supported. However, UDP metadata is not supported for Icecast 1.x.
.nsv (Nullsoft Streaming Video) streams – which Winamp TV uses.
.aac Shoutcast/Icecast streams – the kind of streams found on NOTE: Streamripper can’t rip RealAudio AAC streams, only shoutcast/icecast AAC.
.ogg streams – these streams are found at

  • StreamJacker (Free/Windows, Unix, MacOSX) – stream ripper (recorder) for Shoutcast streaming audio and video streams.

Icecream (Free/Linux, Unix) – is a non-interactive stream download utility. It connects to Icecast/Shoutcast servers and redirects all fetched content to a stdin-capable player or to media files on your disk. With an option turned on, it can save the stream into different files, each representing the played track. It is also possible to tee the input to both disk and stdout.