QTFairUse 6 (Freeware/Windows)

Free Windows software for removing copy-protection from iTunes files

QTFairUse 6 supports iTunes versions 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 and uses Apple’s music and video player in the DRM-removing process.

QTFairUse 6 is available for Windows only. It requires Python 2.4 and runs in the command line.

You may download QTFairUse 6 from the following URL

How it works: When you play AAC file with iTunes 6.0, QTFairUse 6 dumps individual AAC files from the memory before AAC decoding (so you get better quality compared to direct sound recording software).

Unfortunately while removing DRM protection QTFairUse 6 doesn’t save any metadata. The resulting AAC file, doesn’t seem to play in iTunes. It plays fine in QuickTime Player, but iTunes on the Mac side rejects it.