Freeware GUI for rtmpsrv (Windows)

RTMPExplorer ( Freeware / Windows ) is a freeware GUI for rtmpsrv. RTMPexplorer routes all RTMP/RTMPE traffic to rtmpsrv. This allows to download RTMP and RTMPE streams using freeware RTMPdump automatically.

Advantages of RTMPExplorer compared to using RTMPdump in Windows:

  • No need to search for the host/server address
  • No need to edit the HOST file

How to install RTMPExplorer:

  • Copy rtmpsrv.exe to the same folder as rtmpexplorer.exe
  • Copy rtmpdump.exe to the same folder as rtmpexplorer.exe
Source: videohelp.com

How to use RTMPExplorer:

  1. Start rtmpExplorer.
  2. Type the URL address of the video site into rtmpExplorer, instead of typing it into your normal browser.
  3. Click the ‘Go’ button in rtmpExplorer.
  4. The download may appear to keep restarting, but actually this seems to be an automatic RESUME function. This adds to the partially downloaded file, it does not overwrite it.

How to use RTMPExplorer with rtmpsuck:

  1. Copy rtmpsuck.exe to the same folder as rtmpexplorer.exe
  2. Run RTMPexplorer.
  3. Close rtmpsrv by pressing the Q key and the Enter or close the console window.
  4. Run rtmpsuck.exe

Alternatively you may just rename rtmpsrv.exe onto rtmpsuck.exe.