How to Choose the Right Height of a Server Rack

Network systems consist of hundreds of bulky equipment pieces and accessories. As a result, they occupy a lot of space. Server racks are used to accommodate these components and ensure better ergonomics. By allocating hardware on racks, secure fastening, efficient space allocation, and easy access are guaranteed. Depending on the number of system components, the … Read more

6 Best Video Games of 2024

The video game industry is booming now more than ever. There are all sorts of games adorning the market, with all sorts of players clambering at the counter to buy them. With annual, bi-annual, and monthly competitions abuzz, it’s safe to say that gaming is now a billion-dollar industry that still has fuel in its … Read more

I’m Not Okay With This Season 2 ─ Is Officially Canceled

Ready to go on a journey with a young girl who is facing a storm and stress phase in her life? “I’m Not Okay With This” is a Netflix original series that is full of emotions, struggle, acceptance, control, fear, identity crisis, and struggle to know oneself and to cope with grief. The series revolves … Read more

Is Jacob Elordi Gay – Know Everything About It!

Social media has given fans invasive access to their favorite celebrities’ life. If you are a public figure, then you are always in the public’s eye. It is quite a struggle for celebs to keep their lives private. Every minute thing is noted and open to debate. Over the past few years, many celebs have … Read more