eMusic – Legal MP3 Free Music Downloads

eMusic – is the Internet’s MOST popular MP3 music subscription service. eMusic is the world’s LARGEST retailer of independent music and the world’s second-largest digital music retailer Music after iTunes Music Store. Music lovers who use eMusic have access to over 2,800,000 pure and open MP3 songs from over 13’000 independent record labels spanning EVERY genre of music (including rock, jazz, comedy, hip-hop, blues, classical, country, folk, children’s music, electronic, world, reggae and more).

MP3s offer the ULTIMATE music freedom. eMusic MP3 songs play on ANY portable music player (including Apple iPod), can be downloaded to UNLIMITED computers and allow for unlimited CD burning. The other digital music services often charge extra or simply do not offer the flexibility eMusic provides to all their customers.

eMusic is a completely international site. Any customer from any country throughout the world can sign up and use eMusic!

eMusic is a subscription-based service, allowing members to download MP3 tracks for substantially less than they would pay with other download services. Various pricing plans allow customers to pay as little as 27 cents per music track, encouraging them to sample new artists and as a result, purchase more music. eMusic’s subscription model offers customers one of the BEST values:

  • Best promotional offer out there: Any customer can get 25 FREE MP3s! That’s $25 worth of music just for trying eMusic out.
  • Customers can cancel at ANYTIME and keep the music they have downloaded
  • One of the BEST per track cost after the free trial: eMusic’s subscription model offers tracks as low as 27 cents each!

eMusic is one of the few services that offers the usage flexibility that music fans demand:

  • Transfer your music to ANY desktop
  • Works with ALL portable music players and digital devices (including Apple iPod)
  • UNLIMITED CD burning
  • Download your music to MULTIPLE computers

eMusic is different from the other major music retailers:

  • eMusic is a customer driven service that allows and encourages music discovery
  • eMusic offers a HUGE catalogue of over 2,800,000 music tracks
  • eMusicLive, a feature of eMusic, showcases the largest collection of independent live music recording performances nightly from some of the best independent live music venues in the USA.
  • eMusic offers subscription-based service, allowing members to download MP3 tracks for substantially less

Disadvantages of eMusic:

  • eMusic provides 192K VBR tracks. MP3 format offers near CD quality music (not Audio CD quality). Other services offer newer formats such as AAC or WMA. This disadvantage is rather controversial, because AAC and WMA also offer near CD quality, besides many players do not support them.
  • Other subscription-based music services like Yahoo Music Unlimited offer unlimited music downloads for a fixed monthly payment. But they have disadvantages as well. First of all, you can only listen to the copy-protected tracks on a limited number of supported devices. Secondly, you don’t own the downloaded music, you only can listen to it as long as you’re subscribed.

Note: If you wanna stop using the service, don’t forget to cancel your trial subscription to avoid extra charges.